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The Model and Shaking-Table Tests

You are required to design and construct a model of a building to a scale of about 1:100.

Your model must:

  • be made only from MDF board, paper, glue and string.
    (Show Me)
  • have at least 4 floors and fit on 25 cm square base board.
    (Show Me)
  • be able to carry 7.5 kilograms or more. (Show Me)

The model will have to stand up to artificial earthquakes generated on a Shaking-Table in a laboratory in your country.

For interactive help on the rules for your model, and details of the shaking-table tests, visit these pages.

The Dynamic Designs Challenge and Rules are different from the IDEERS Challenge, so make sure you read these pages for the correct details.

How to make a strong model

Earthquakes cause sideways forces on buildings (Explain).

You can find out how to strengthen your model to resist sideways forces by reading these pages on the IDEERS website.

Braced Frames
Moment Resisting Frames
Shear Walls
Horizontal Trussing
Horizontal Diaphragms

To get hints for making your model, read these pages on the IDEERS website.

Modelling Techniques (Construction Tips)
Strengthening Your Model (Hints on bracing)
Model Gallery (Designs by others)













Finished Models