The Project

I ntroducing and
D emonstrating
E arthquake
E ngineering
R esearch in
S chools

E arthquake
E ngineering
R esearch
C entre

The Aim

To communicate the challenge and excitement of earthquake engineering research to young people.

The Sponsors

This "Partnerships for Public Understanding" Project was developed with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Photographs and seismograms on the earthquake pages have been reproduced by kind permission of the British Geological Survey.

The Production Team

Dr. Adam Crewe
(Dept. of Civil Engineering Lecturer)


Technical Advisor

Dr.Wendy Daniell
(EERC Research Fellow)

Content Author

Prof. Rosamund Sutherland
(Graduate School of Education)
Educational Advisor
Alice Walker
(Head of Earthquake Seismology at the British Geological Survey)
Earthquake Pages Advisor
Geraldine Jones
(Department of Civil Engineering Web Programmer)
Web Site Designer
from Bristol University