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What the teacher's say

David Clay, 2nd in Technology at Broadlands School, Keynsham, Bristol wrote to the IDEERS team saying:

Congratulations and a big thank you for organising such a motivating event before Easter. The staff and students from Broadlands School thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are are eager to start preparing for the national competition.

At the moment I am considering using the IDEERS Project as the basis for discreet teaching of Structures from now on in our Year 8 curriculum. The web site provides an excellent starting point for research and has
enough information to cover the National Curriculum at KS3 for Technology and other curriculum areas.

The work which has gone into developing this resource should be highly praised, not only for the quantity of information it holds but also for its quality. The use of ICT as a tool within subject areas is starting to take off and your web site provides an opportunity for students to learn independently.

The school and the Senior Management Team in particular were impressed with our achievements of the day and do see the merits of this collaboration work.

What the Children Say

After the pilot project with the Bristol Schools in April 2001, children wrote to the EERC in appreciation of the event. (Roll over the cards to see what the children said)


from Bristol University