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The Dynamic Designs Challenge is an engaging Earthquake Engineering project created and developed by the University of Bristol. Working in partnership with the British Council, this challenge is being delivered to young people worldwide.

The Challenge

The Challenge requires your team to put together a proposal for a new hospital building in a highly seismic region.

Your proposal for the building must consider the:

  • structural design
  • architectural appearance
  • cost
  • social and economic value to the region
  • value to the imaginary client, Mr Ivor Dunwell

The challenge is in two stages with some teams being eliminated at the end of Stage One.

Stage One - The Design Proposal

Teams must produce 2 posters:

  • one on the structural design and cost of the building
  • the other on its architectural appearance and the benefits (i.e. social, economic) of the proposed hospital to the region and the client

Download the Stage 1 Brief.

The teams with the best proposals (judged from their posters) will qualify for Stage Two.

Stage Two - The Final

Teams must prepare for the Final, a day when they will:

  • present their proposals to a panel of experts
  • construct models of their buildings to be tested on a shaking-table.

Download the Stage 2 Brief.

Model and Shaking Table Tests

Download the Specification for the Model and Tests.

For interactive help on the rules for your model, and information on the shaking-table tests, visit the Model Rules and Shaking-Table Tests pages.

The Winners

The winning teams will be judged on the day of the Final.

Prizes will be presented for:

  • Best Presentation - for the team that presents the best proposal
  • Most-Efficient Model - for the team whose model performed best on the shaking-table
  • Overall winner - the overall winning team and institution.







Stage Two Construction