Make your own braced frame

You can experiment with different types of bracing by making your own 2-D frame.

We made a frame using plastic columns and beams and a steel base. The beams were connected to the columns used moving or hinged joints. The columns were connected to the base with hinged joints. You can make a similar frame using stiff card and paper fasteners for the connections.

Without any bracing, the frame cannot resist sideways load (Show Me).

We made some different bracing members to resist the load.

  • Diagonal plastic bracing (Show Me)

  • Diagonal string bracing (Show Me)

  • Knee bracing from plastic (Show Me)

The bracing is connected to the frame using sticky Velcro tape. The loops are stuck on the frame and the hooks on the ends of the bracing members (Show Me).

Make your own bracing using stiff card instead of plastic, and try other ways of bracing the frame.

Experiment to find out how the different systems work.

2D Frame


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