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If you need clarification on any of the challenge rules or have general questions about the challenge, this is the place to ask your questions. Just remeber that everone can see what is posted here so don't give away too many of your ideas.
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A few questions11-20-10  04:09 pmZheming Chen 42
"Cortato"or"Mochalatte"09-17-10  04:00 pmAdam Crewe4
About mochalette 09-17-10  04:03 pmAdam Crewe2
About the people living in Mochalatte09-17-10  04:07 pmAdam Crewe2
Materials11-03-10  05:12 pmAdam Crewe12
Can we submit our preliminary idea after the deadlines?09-23-10  10:20 amSong Xiaoran3
The design of the building modle10-06-10  11:26 amWendy Daniell3
Modle design11-06-10  03:56 pmWendy Daniell6
A question about the material10-06-10  11:29 amWendy Daniell2
Shaking-table11-04-10  04:17 amZheming Chen 4
Posters10-14-10  03:56 pmAdam Crewe4
About Sand Paper11-19-10  11:14 amWu Xiaodong12
Equipment11-16-10  02:34 pmWendy Daniell2
About podiums11-16-10  04:29 pmWendy Daniell2
About the area of a floor if we use a damping system with double fl...11-19-10  03:46 amWu Xiaodong2
About the schedule of the final11-19-10  07:01 amXiong Chen1
About competition11-22-10  01:08 pmChen Luyao4
Paper11-21-10  07:35 amLi Zhangpeng1
About presentation11-22-10  12:55 pmChen Luyao1
About glue stick11-22-10  01:00 pmChen Luyao1
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