The EERC welcomes you to bring your model to be tested on the shaking-table in our laboratory.

Who can Enter ?

The competition is open to 11-18 year old students from any school in the UK.

How your model will be tested

  • We will clamp your model to the shaking-table, so make sure you leave the 12 mm clearance around the edge of your base board, as described in the Competition Rules for the Structure.

  • We will then fix steel blocks to your model to increase its mass, as decribed in the Competition Rules for Vertical Load.

  • Your model will then be tested for different sized earthquakes, starting with a very small earthquake, and building up to the maximum earthquake the shaking-table can produce.

  • For every model, we will make a note of the size of the earthquake that caused its failure and use that to calculate its efficiency ratio.

  • The three models with the highest efficiency ratio will be the winners.

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from Bristol University