Strengthening your Model

You can strengthen your model by using bracing between columns and beams.

You can find out how bracing works by reading about braced frames.

Here are some hints on how to use bracing.

  • It is best to make your model symmetrical with the bracing arranged symmetrically too. (Why?)


  • Make sure you brace your model so that it can resist the sideways force from an earthquake in any direction.

(Rotate Model)

Bracing on every side.
(Rotate Model)

No bracing on two sides.
  • When you use bracing to strengthen your model, try to continue it down through every storey. (Why?)

(Rotate Model)

Bracing in all storeys.

(Rotate Model )

The first storey is a
It has no bracing.

Note! These hints will still apply if you use paper walls instead of bracing to strengthen your model.

Model strengthened with bracing.

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