Modelling Technique

Your model will be stronger if you construct it carefully.

  • Make sure that the pieces of MDF fit tightly when you glue them together. ( Show Me )

  • Make sure that paper and MDF are glued securely together. (Show Me)

  • Make sure that the ends of string are secured tightly. (Show Me)

  • Where possible use one strip of MDF for a series of columns. Avoid cutting your columns off at each floor level as that will create weak points in your model. ( Show Me )

  • Make sure that string used for bracing or guy ropes is pulled tightly between its ends so that it is in tension. ( Why ? )

  • Make sure that the underside of the MDF base board will sit flat on a horizontal surface.
    ( Why ? ) ( Show Me )

  • Try to make your model symmetric (Why?)

  • Plan for the steel blocks, used for the vertical load, to be placed symmetrically on your model. (Why?)

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