Forced Vibration Tests

Intake Tower at Wimbleball Lake, Somerset
(Where is it?)
(Click to see inside view of tower)

Special test machines called "Rotating Eccentric Mass Exciters" were used to vibrate the Wimbleball intake tower. (Why?) Three of them were lowered into the 50 metre high, reinforced concrete tower (Show Me), and bolted down on different floor levels (Show Me).

The tower is connected to the top of the buttress dam by a bridge. When the tower vibrated, it caused the bridge and dam to vibrate too. The vibrations of all these structures were measured using accelerometers. The movement of the tower also set up small vibrations in the reservoir water, which caused the water pressures to fluctuate.

The changing water pressure on the face of the tower was measured with an electronic instrument called a pressure transducer. (Show Me) The pressure transducer and cable were lowered down from the top of the bridge (Show Me) and guided down the face of the tower using a specially made weighted wheel. (Show Me)


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