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This is a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers relating specifically to the Education UK Challenges
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Submissions on ideas for design of model08-01-10  03:09 pmWendy Daniell1
Information about previous earthquakes04-14-09  07:30 pm 1
Shaking-table tests07-14-09  05:22 pmAdam Crewe3
Making and Testing Trial Models10-10-10  10:01 amWendy Daniell1
Structural Design of the of the building and model05-16-10  06:54 pmWendy Daniell6
Architectural Design of the Building05-16-10  08:35 pmWendy Daniell3
The Posters05-17-09  04:50 pmAdam Crewe1
Stages 1 and 2 05-17-09  04:53 pmAdam Crewe3
The Cost of the Building05-17-09  04:57 pmAdam Crewe1
Materials and Equipment for Models11-03-10  04:57 pmAdam Crewe3
Building the model05-16-10  08:44 pmWendy Daniell1
The Steel Blocks05-16-10  08:40 pmWendy Daniell5
Presentation05-16-10  08:57 pmWendy Daniell1