1 - The Background

These tests help to check whether your model will survive a moderately sized earthquake on the shaking table, which we will call the IDEERS Design Earthquake . The forces that you apply to your model in these tests will be equivalent to the forces from the Design Earthquake during the shaking-table tests.

Note: The tests can only be used for models where all parts are fixed firmly together.

Warning ! This test should NOT be used where

  • Models have moving joints.
  • The bottom of the model has been designed to move around on the MDF base board.

The Forces

  • Earthquakes cause sideways forces on buildings. ( Explain ).

  • The maximum force on a building during an earthquake can be represented by sideways static forces.

These pages will tell you how to carry out the Earthquake Load Test on your model.

    2 - Creating Sideways Forces
                 by hanging mass from your model.

    3 - Finding the Mass
                for the sideways force using,

a - An Approximate Method
b - A More Accurate Method

    4 - Loading Your Model by

Either  a - Supporting it on its Side
Or       b - Standing it Upright


Shortcut to Approximate Mass Calculator


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Free Vibration Decay Experiment


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