4 - Loading Your Model

b - Standing Upright

  • On each floor, place the mass you calculated for the vertical load test.

  • You can apply a sideways load to each floor of your model by using mass to pull strings attached to the model.

  • You can get the right force into the string by hanging it over a pulley or round bar and suspending mass from the other end.
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  • The lengths of strings attached to the model must be horizontal.

  • For each floor, the mass on the end of the string will be the one you calculated for the Earthquake Load Test.
    (see Earthquake Load Test Page 3 - Finding the Mass)

  • Make sure that you spread the load on each floor of your model. We used 2 strips of MDF glued together to spread the load along one edge of each floor and another pair on the opposite side to stop the string cutting into the model.
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Warning ! If you attach a string to one point on your model, when the string is pulled, it could break the model at that point.

Click on the picture to see a sketch of the pulley system.


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