Quindio, 25th January 1999

The magnitude 5.9 (ML) Quindio earthquake occurred at 19 minutes past one on a Monday afternoon. It left about 1,200 people dead and 8,500 injured, destroyed or damaged 80,000 homes, and left 90,000 families homeless.

The epicentre was 16 km south of a city called Armenia. The cities of Armenia and Pereira and many other towns in the surrounding area, including Calcara and Pijao were affected by the earthquake. (See Map)

Dr John Macdonald from the Bristol University EERC visited the area after the earthquake to study the damaged caused.

Here are some of the photographs that he took:
(Click on the picture names to get more information and a large picture.)

  1. Apartment Blocks, Armenia
  2. Church, Barcelona
  3. Church, Pereira
  4. Street, South Armenia
  5. Fire Station, Armenia
  6. House, Pijao
  7. Landslide, Road from Armenia to Pijao

Click on Colombia (in red) to see map detail.

from Bristol University