Kobe, 17th January 1995

At 5:46 in the morning, a magnitude 6.9 (Mw) earthquake struck Kobe in Japan. About 5,500 people died and 35,000 were injured. Nearly 180,000 buildings were badly damaged or destroyed, leaving more than 300,000 people homeless that night.

The earthquake was caused by movement on a fault running from Awaji Island through Kobe. (See Map)

It lasted for only 20 seconds, but in that short time, very severe damage occurred. The resulting economic losses were believed to have been the greatest caused in modern times by any natural disaster.

Dr Adam Crewe from the Bristol University EERC visited the area two weeks after the earthquake to study the damaged.
Here are some of the photographs that he took in Kobe. (Click on the picture names to get more information and a large picture.)
  1. Hanshin Expressway
  2. Nishinoniya Bridge
  3. High Speed Railway Bridge
  4. Dock Wall, Port of Kobe
  5. School
  6. Fire Damage
  7. Pounding Damage
  8. Apartment Block
  9. Office Block

Click on Map to see more detail.

from Bristol University